What is a B grade? 

A B-grade is a product with small flaws. I sell B-grades at a discounted price instead of discarding them! A b-grade product could be misaligned, misprinted, or have other slight flaws such as indentations. 

Can I have my order filmed? 

I would love to film your order for tiktok! Please add the request to your shipping notes or reach out through my contact page and I'll be happy to film your order! 

How are your products made? 

All products except my sticky notes are made in house. All designs are created with my iPad and Procreate! I use a Epson Ecotank 4760 to print all stickers and prints and I cut my stickers with a Silhouette Portrait 2! 

What are Last Chance products?

I have placed some products in the Last Chance section as they are older designs and don't really fit the art style I want to continue to grow with. Once an item has sold out from this section it will be deleted and will not return to the site. I may in the future, redesign the product to better suit my style but for the time being grab them while you can!